About Me


In order both of us to enjoy the experience, I request that all clients,have at least minimun personal hygiene. This includes a shower, brushing your teeth, and using deoderant. I also request that you be at least 21 years no older then 75years. Outcalls need to give me atleast 45 minutes to an hour or sooner to show up at your place.

Incalls please come showered and clean or you wil be asked to take a shower before any of my services are rendered. Donations are cash only and should be given to me apon arival without having to ask for them uncomfortbly please !!!!

Slaves/Submissives need to submit donation on there knees with hands out offering it to me the Supreme Goddess of Darkness!!!! to show your proper respect for me. I don't care if your drunk or fucked up on some party favors, but please keep in mind your proformance maybe down and not a result of my services failing.

And last but not least lets have a good time : )